This free tool will allow you to conduct a sentiment analysis on virtually any text written in English. The tool computes a sentiment score that reflects the overall sentiment, tone, or emotional feeling of your input text. Sentiment scores range from -100 to +100, where -100 indicates a very negative or serious tone and +100 indicates a very positive or enthusiastic tone.
To perform your sentiment analysis, simply type or paste some text into the box below and click the "Analyze Text!" button.
Interpretation: This text has a sentiment score of 26.8. This means that the overall sentiment or tone of this text is somewhat positive / enthusiastic.
Sentiment analysis uses computational linguistics and text mining to automatically determine the sentiment or affective nature of the text being analyzed. Here are a few details that you may find interesting:
  • This tool is designed to provide general-purpose sentiment analysis for reasonably long passages of text written in the English language. The tool is not oriented toward any specific domain (e.g., business, religion, entertainment, politics, etc.). The general-purpose nature of this tool has both advantages and disadvantages.
  • The sentiment analyzer was trained using the collection of more than 8,000 writing samples and transcripts of spoken conversations that appear in the American National Corpus (ANC). The ANC contains writing samples from a wide variety of genres and domains.
  • Because of the design of the American National Corpus, the sentiment analyzer is most accurate with text written in American English after 1990.
  • This tool produces an overall sentiment score. Although various passages within a sample of text may be particularly positive or negative, the sentiment score produced by this tool considers all of the text in the sample.
  • Sentiment analysis is a difficult task because it involves human emotions. Research shows that humans will disagree about the sentiment of written text in about 20% of all cases. This means that even if the sentiment analyzer were a perfect tool, as a human being you would likely only agree with its conclusions about 80% of the time.
Anyhow, I hope that you find this tool interesting. Thanks for visiting!
-Dr. Soper