Interaction - Windows software for graphing and analyzing statistical interactions
Welcome to the homepage of Interaction

Interaction is the only Windows software program specifically designed to draw and analyze statistical interactions! I developed this program because I was frustrated with how much time and effort it took to draw interaction graphs and analyze interaction statistics. Now it takes less than a minute!

Interaction is currently being used at hundreds of top institutions around the world!

Interaction is now free!

Good news... Interaction is now available for free! All I ask is that you participate in my quick (3-minute) online pilot study. Please click here to get started!

Important: If you receive a message while installing Interaction which states that version 4 of the .NET framework is not installed, please follow these instructions from Microsoft to update your system.

With Interaction you can:

  • Easily create interaction graphs using dichotomous, categorical, or continuous variables.
  • Instantly perform a complete statistical analysis of your interaction data.
  • Use data from many different formats to draw your interaction graphs, including SPSS, Excel, and tab-delimited data.
  • Modify every part of your interaction graphs, including titles, scales, axes, lines, legends, fonts, and more!
  • Save your graphs as images that can be directly inserted into documents, emails, posters, and presentations.
  • As a special bonus, Interaction now allows you to save each of your graphs as a high-resolution, publication-ready image. Editors love these 300dpi images because they look great in print!

Sample Interaction Image

A sample Interaction graph is shown above. You can see more graph samples in the gallery. You can also see a sample of the comprehensive statistical output generated by Interaction by clicking here.

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