Interaction! - Windows software for graphing and analyzing statistical interactions

Welcome to the gallery!

Here you will find several screenshots and sample interaction graphs generated by Interaction!

If you would like to view a sample of the statistical output that Interaction! automatically generates, click here.

The screenshot above shows the primary user interface. The interaction graph you are currently working on is always shown on the right side of your screen. Modifications to your graph are very easy to make -- you simply select which graph property you want to edit from the list on the left, and the modification panel for that property automatically appears!


You can easily change the size of your interaction graphs!


Colors are easy to change too!


You have complete control over fonts and font sizes...


...and you can change the graph title, legend title, axis descriptions, and line descriptions!


Multi-line text is OK... is no text at all!


You can also easily change the axis scaling and decimal precision!


Need to change the style or color of the interaction lines? No problem!


You can change the width of the lines too!


You can draw interaction graphs with dichotomous moderators...


...categorical moderators (e.g. Likert scales)...


...and continuous moderators!


Perhaps best of all, Interaction! provides you with a New Graph Wizard that allows you to easily import your SPSS, Excel, or tab-delimited data, and guides you through the creation of your interaction graph!

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