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Depreciation Calculators
Below you will find 3 free calculators for computing depreciation values:
1 Actual Cash Value Calculator
  This calculator will compute the actual cash value (ACV) of an item, given the original purchase price, the item's current age, and the item's expected life. The actual cash value of an item is the difference between its original purchase price and its depreciation. These values are often used by insurance adjusters to determine what an item is worth.
2 Straight-Line Depreciation Calculator
  This calculator uses the straight-line method to compute the annual amount of depreciation on an asset, given the asset's original purchase price, salvage value, and number of years of useful life. The straight-line depreciation method depreciates an asset by an equal amount for each year of the asset's useful life span.
3 Units-of-Production (UOP) Depreciation Calculator
  This calculator uses the units-of-production (UOP) depreciation method to compute both the depreciation per unit and total annual depreciation for an item, given the item's original purchase price and salvage value, the annual number of units produced, and the estimated total number of units that the item will contribute to producing during its life span. The units-of-production depreciation method allows an item's depreciation to vary from year to year according to the level of production.
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